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Life Coaching and 

the Inner Outings Method

          Who do you go to when you’re confused about a decision, stuck in a rut regarding your life or work, lacking the confidence to progress, or needing supportive counsel? As a life coach, my goal is to create a relationship whereby you can safely explore your needs and discover realistic options.             

          As the author of: Inner Outings: The  Diarist's Deck and Book of Exploration you will also learn simple writing techniques, The Inner Outings Method. These techniques when used as part of the session or on your own will provide insights and encourage change. 

          You need not struggle alone, let’s find the strategies that lead to success and happiness; the rewards of an authentic and well-lived life.

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching addresses issues that arise during the creative process. Whether you are having trouble with a specific project, dealing with negative inner voices that sabotage your work, or need guidance with external issues effecting your productivity, I am here to help you. With years of experience as a visual artist and writer, I understand the challenges you face. Let’s get you from burnt out, to fired up!

Let's get past what's in your way! 

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